• Sustainable


    Natural Fiber KODIAKOTTON® Sustainable Insulated Shippers deliver reliable performance and a cost-effective "green" packaging solution 

  • KODIAKOOLER Cupcake shippers



    Easily ship your baked goods with our temperature-controlled cake and cupcake shippers.

  • KODIAKOOLER® Reflective

    KODIAKOOLER® Reflective

    offers inexpensive, light-duty
    insulated mailer/pouches

  • Kodiakooler Gel Ice Packs


    High Quality, Leak Resistant Gel Ice Packs available in Standard Poly and Moisture-Resistant pouches.  Several sizes to choose from.

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Dedicated to Serving Shippers of Temperature-Sensitive Products

Providence Packaging Designs and Delivers Reliable Temperature-Sensitive Product Packaging Solutions. Insulated Shipping Containers, Molded Foam, Foam Shapes & Panels, Reflective Foam, KODIAKOOLER® Sustainable Foam, Reflective Foil Bubble and Foam (Pouches, Mailers, and Box Liners), Gel Ice Packs, and Insulated Pallet Covers are in stock and available for immediate shipment from distribution points coast-to-coast. For Reliable, Temperature Assurance Packaging Solutions, specify KODIAKOOLER® for Temperature Safe Packaging & Shipping Products

Due to the environmental variability and handling rigor inherent to any distribution cycle, Providence Packaging cannot guarantee the performance of any packaging product or combination of packaging products. Providence Packaging's liability resulting from non-conforming products is limited solely to the replacement of defective packaging products or, at the option of seller, to repayment to the buyer of the purchase price paid by buyer upon the return to seller of the non-conforming goods.  In no event shall Providence Packaging be liable for any consequential, indirect, incidental, punitive, or special damages whatsoever, including, without limitation, damages for loss of product shipped, business profits, business interruption and the like. The foregoing limitations and disclaimers apply regardless of the causes or circumstances giving rise to the loss, damage, claim, or liability. 

No Other Warranties - Except as expressly provided in writing, Providence Packaging disclaims all other representations, warranties, and conditions, express, implied, statutory, or otherwise with respect to the products and services provided, including but not limited to the implied representations, warranties, and conditions or merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.