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InsulatedPackagingOnline is owned and operated by Providence Packaging - Makers of KODIAKOOLER® brand products

InsulatedPackagingOnline.com, along with Kodiakooler.com, and InsulatedPackagingSolutions.com are domains managed by Providence Packaging (www.ProvidencePackaging.com). Providence Packaging designs and delivers packaging solutions for companies shipping temperature-sensitive products outside of a temperature-controlled environment.

Kodiakooler® is a trademark owned by Providence Packaging. The Kodiakooler® brand anticipates the need for reliable and durable packaging solutions in what can often be a challenging distribution environment. The insulated packaging bearing the Kodiakooler® brand carries the assurance of reliable temperature maintenance as well as the durability necessary to protect time and temperature sensitive shipments. Kodiakooler® packaging products are available exclusively through Providence Packaging and approved distributors.

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